Telcred Access Manager

Access Manager is Telcred’s cloud-based service for IP-connected door controllers. It includes a web-based administration interface, automatic sync with connected door controllers, a smartphone app, and a modern API for integration with external systems. Select features include:

Hardware configuration

All hardware configuration is done from the administration interface. Changes to the configuration are automatically synced to the relevant controllers.

Locking schedules

Locking schedules determine when a door should be locked, double-locked (assuming it has two locks) or unlocked.

Remote open, lock and unlock

The administrator can easily remote open any door. It is also possible to temporarily override the locking schedule.

Mobile access

The Telcred Entry app for iOS and Android can be used to open doors as an alternative or complement to cards and readers. It can also be used to let a visitor in from a distance.

Visitor access

For temporary visitors, the administrator can create either a PIN code or a URL (web link) that will open one or more doors during a specified time interval. The URL can be sent to the visitors in a normal email.

Delegated administration

Delegation enables e.g. tenants in an office building to manage their own users and access rights. At the same time it is possible to create access rights to shared doors, such as the main entrance.

Event log

The event log displays everything that happens in the system in near real-time. Events can be sorted and filtered on different attributes, such as type of event, door, and user.


Notifications can be created for many different event types. Notifications can be restricted in time (e.g. only during office hours) and sent to multiple receivers via sms, mail, or webhook.

API for external integrations

Through the well-documented API it is possible to do everything that can be done in the web-based management interface, as well as to retrieve all the information in the system.


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