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The purpose of Notifications is to generate an email, an SMS, or an HTTP request ("webhook") when certain things happen (defined using a trigger).

To create a new notification, select Notifications in the Monitoring section of the menu and click Add new.

Create notification

The Name field is is included in emails as part of the subject.

The Description field is included in both emails and SMSs.

HTTP requests contain a full description of the event in the form of a JSON object. The full webhook specification can be found here.

Select one or more triggers for which you want the notification to be sent.

Delivery settings

It is possible to specify a Maximum rate for the number of notifications that will be generated during e.g. one hour or a day.

Multiple SMS recipients can be specified with comma (,) between each recipient, and the same is true for email recipients and HTTP recipients.

Finally, it is possible to limit the times during which notifications are sent by specifying a schedule for Only during and / or Unless during. If no schedule is specified, the notification will always be sent when the corresponding trigger is activated.