Getting started with Smart Access Control

With Smart Access Control, door locks are connected to the Internet and can be integrated with external systems and services no matter where the doors are located. Applications can range from a single door for a sports club to thousands of doors for a large real estate or infrastructure company. Regardless the size of your project, here are some points to help you get an idea of your next step.

Contact us

We recommend and welcome you to contact us. We have extensive experience with Smart Access Control and based on your unique situation we can offer advice regarding which type of hardware to use or integration with other systems and services.

Small-scale trial

Seeing is believing. Setting up a small-scale trial is easy. You need at least one door controller and a test account. Unless you are only interested in mobile access you also need to get readers and credentials (cards, key fobs etc.). With support from us and our online documentation you will be up and running in no time.

Axis maintains a list of local resellers here. If the reseller is unfamiliar with Axis access control products, feel free to contact us and we will help you find a suitable local partner.


You can request a commercial account from us, or we can convert your existing test account (so that you don’t lose information already entered). If you need an installer/integrator for the physical installation, we can help you find one no matter where you are.