Telcred Access Manager documentation

Our online documentation with an overview of the solution, as well as detailed information about all features:

Telcred API documentation

We provide two REST APIs for external integrations. It is absolutely possible to do some things via the web-based admin interface and other things via the APIs.

The Admin API is used to do everyday tasks, such as managing users, credentials, doors, schedules, and access rights. For most integration projects, the Admin API should suffice. The documentation can be found here:

The Owner API is used to manage organizations and officers. Organizations are only relevant if Telcred's functionality for delegation is used. For most integration projects, the owner API will not be relevant. The documentation can be found here:

Telcred Webhooks documentation

A lightweight integration alternative to using the REST APIs. In Telcred Access Manager it is possible to define Notifications for most types of events. Notifications can be sent as text message, e-mail, or http request (webhook). In the latter case, it is possible to use them to trigger actions in an external system. The webhooks documentation can be found here:


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