Supporting Services

Technical pre-study

The purpose of a technical pre-study is to analyse feasibility and propose a solution architecture as well as hardware components. Together with the customer we document and analyze the use case, functional and non-functional requirements, integration aspects, and implementation considerations. After discussing the pros and cons of different options with the customer, and potentially other stakeholders, we document the results in a concrete proposal.

Configuration and migration support

We offer support with getting the configuration right. This includes both hardware settings and access management, i.e. things like doors, users, devices and access privileges. We can also support with migrating data from a legacy system to Telcred. In both these areas, we can offer general advice, develop specific templates, or do the actual work on behalf of the customer.


Easy integration of access control with other systems is required for business automation and a key selling point for Telcred. We provide open, free, and well-documented APIs for integration, but can also support the customer in their integration effort. Our involvement can range from advice to actual development work.

Development of custom interface(s)

Telcred provides a web-based management interface in English. Using the Telcred API, it is easy to develop a custom interface for customers who so desire. Reasons for this can include a desire to only present a subset of functionality, use the customer’s own branding, or provide an interface in a language other than English.

Dashboards and reports

Telcred Access Manager comes with a detailed events log, but for more advanced analysis we recommend monitoring dashboards and reports to be set up externally, reading data from the Telcred system through our API. This also makes it possible to add data from sources outside Telcred. We can provide customized monitoring dashboards and reports developed in Tableau, MS Power BI, or .NET.

Customer success

Premium support with e.g. high priority response times, on-site support visits, ad hoc training sessions, etc. Detailed scope, timeframe, and conditions are discussed and agreed to suit the individual customer’s needs.


The Telcred system stores more detailed event logs than what the customer can see in the administrator GUI. These cover door events, administrator actions, and system logs. In case of an incident, we can assist with detailed analysis of what happened.