Telcred and Seriline partner to promote open and secure access control


Telcred and Seriline have entered into a partnership with the objective to promote the usage of open and secure access control readers and credentials. Seriline designs the Cidron range of access control readers, which is fully OSDP compliant and can be used with any OSDP-compatible access controllers (e.g. Axis Network Door Controllers).

Cidron readers can simultaneously handle a broad range of access credentials, including modern technologies such as Mifare Desfire, where the credential ID is protected by strong cryptography.

“Sadly, the choice of credential technology is often overlooked when specifying the requirements for an access control system. Old credential technologies are easy to clone and proprietary ones lead to vendor lock-in.” says Carlo Pompili, CEO at Telcred.  

The challenge with secure credentials is the process of provisioning the readers with the necessary cryptographic keys that allow them to read the credentials. Through the new partnership, Telcred customers will be able to order pre-configured Cidron readers with matching Mifare Desfire credentials, making it just as easy to choose an open and secure credential solution as an inferior one.

For more information, contact:

Johan Weckström, CCO at Telcred

Magnus Olsson, Head Business Development at Seriline