Telcred launches Commands and Triggers for flexible control of access control hardware and integration with external systems


Telcred Access Manager is a cloud-service for IP-connected and open access control hardware, including Network Door Controllers from Axis Communications. Today, Telcred announces the immediate availability of a new feature set called Commands and Triggers, which gives customers new ways to interact with and control the access control hardware, as well as external systems, such as alarm systems.

Use cases for Commands and Triggers include:

  • Letting regular end users perform actions normally only available to administrators, e.g. unlock one or more doors, and later return them to schedule
  • Letting regular end users interact with external systems, e.g. arm or disarm an alarm system
  • Perform actions on a group of door controllers, e.g. block all the readers in a section of the building to perform a “lockdown”
  • Connect a sensor to an input port on a door controller and let it trigger a set of actions, e.g. let a motion detector start a siren connected to a local output port and send an http message to an external alarm system

Commands are defined by the administrator, and can then be launched by a Trigger. There are two types of Triggers:

  • A special activation code entered on an access control reader, optionally followed by an authentication credential
  • Activity on a door controller’s input port

Commands and Triggers offer a simple yet powerful feature set that lets the customer “script” actions based on events. For more information, check out the documentation or contact us.