Telcred offers a cloud-based access control system for open, IP-connected hardware with focus on mobile access and easy integration

Benefits of open hardware

The main components in an access control system are readers, door controllers, and management software. Most products available on the market today are closed, proprietary systems, where all these components are made by the same company.

We believe that customers should be able to use readers from different suppliers, replace controllers without having to change readers, and change management software without having to replace controllers. Telcred supports hardware from leading suppliers that share this view, including Axis Communications and SimonsVoss.



Why choose a cloud-based service?

With IP-connected door controllers there is no need to run the management software on a local PC or server.

A cloud-service is accessible over the web from anywhere, there is no need to worry about backups or upgrades, and customers receive continuous improvements without having to do anything. In addition, a cloud-based service is much simpler to integrate with other systems than an on-premise solution.

A cloud service with IP-connected hardware also means that the physical location of the doors is irrelevant. With Telcred it does not matter if you have one building with 100 doors or 10 buildings—anywhere in the world—with 10 doors each.

Ready to try it out?

It is easy to test and evaluate the Telcred solution and at no time do you need to commit to anything.

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Mobile access

Mobile access is becoming increasingly popular for access control. For regular users Telcred offers a smartphone app. The app can be used to let oneself in or to let someone else in remotely. It is also possible to use mobile credentials from other companies, as long as compatible readers are used.

For visitors it is possible to create a web-link that can be sent to their email address. When they click the link they are taken to a web page that lets them open one or more doors during the specified time frame, without having to install an app.



Easy to integrate

More and more companies are interested in integrating access control not only with local HR and security systems, but also with cloud-based business support systems, such as member databases, workforce management systems, and business intelligence.

Telcred provides a modern, well-documented REST API. Through the API it is possible to do everything that can be done in the web-based management interface, as well as to retrieve all the information in the system.