Access Control as a Service


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A solution for both staff and guests

Telcred offers a solution that makes it possible to connect all the doors in the hotel or hostel. Configuration and doors are managed remotely. Staff can open with a card or key fob and guests can open with code without having to download an app or create an account – perfect for unmanned facilities.

Robust and cyber-secure hardware

Telcred’s primary hardware partner is the Swedish company Axis Communications, a world leader in IP-connected security products. Axis is known for its reliable products and takes cyber security very seriously. For example, Axis is a so-called “CVE-numbering authority” and quickly comes out with updated firmware when security vulnerabilities are discovered. With Telcred, it is then easy to update the firmware remotely.

Easy to integrate

Telcred offers a modern, open and well-documented API for external integrations. We aim to make all functionality and data available via API. The fact that Telcred is a cloud service also facilitates external integrations compared to on-premise systems.

Reduce climate impact

With Telcred, administration and maintenance can be carried out remotely; let someone in, temporarily unlock a door, or update firmware. This way, many site visits can be avoided and the climate footprint reduced.

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    Climate friendly
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    Resource efficient
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Remote administration and maintenance

Changing settings for the doors and performing maintenance, such as upgrading firmware, can easily be done remotely.

Efficient installation and commissioning

Telcred can deliver the hardware from Axis Communications configured, tested and ready to install. For the connection to the Telcred service the hardware “calls home”. Most of the time, this means that you don’t need to change anything in your firewall or router – instead it is “plug and play”. Once the hardware is online, further testing and any configuration adjustments can easily be done remotely. For large scale configuration and deployment, the parameters can efficiently be loaded into the system in batch.

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An open access control solution like the one from Telcred and Axis can be customized in many ways. We have developed concepts for various applications and are happy to discuss what could be suitable for you!

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A solution for the entire property — both common doors and apartment doors. The residents manage their own access rights via the Telcred Home app and the intercom is replaced by remote opening from the app.

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Telcred offers a robust system for both guests and staff. Staff can open with a card or key fob and guests can get frictionless access via code, mobile, or web link.

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Telcred offers a flexible solution for access to electrical rooms in properties, to which several different providers need access for maintenance and upgrades.

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Commercial real estate

Make the access control system part of the property’s infrastructure and offer tenants “Access Control as a Service”. The tenant does not need to acquire an access control system, and the property owner can create new revenue streams while reducing administration.

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Unmanned operations

Companies that run, or want to launch, an unmanned operation need an access control solution that is reliable and easy to integrate. Telcred offers this.

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OEM / White-label

A growing number of security companies want to be able to offer their customers a solution where technology, administration, and incident response are offered as a packaged service for a monthly fee under their own brand. Telcred, with hardware from Axis Communications, is perfectly suited for this.


Telcred is continuously being improved. We create new functions and upgrade existing functions according to customer requirements. You instantly get access to upgrades and new features as soon as they are released.

Manage the entire door environment

Card reader, magnetic contact, open button, door automation and locking schedule. Manage everything easily with Telcred.

Manage your doors remotely

Solve unforeseen problems by opening any door from your mobile.

Several ways to open doors

Telcred works easily with both traditional credentials, such as card and code, and more modern ones, including mobile apps and web links.

Delegated administration

Let tenants manage their doors, users and access rights themselves in their own virtual access control systems. You don’t have to do the administration and the tenant does not have to wait for access rights.

Easy integrations

Integrate Telcred with external systems, or create customized interfaces. All functionality and data is accessible via well-documented APIs.

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