Hardware components

Below you find the hardware components available along with Telcred Access Manager. New open hardware will be added continuously so stay tuned or make a request for integration.

Door controllers

Today, Telcred supports door controllers from Axis Communications. Axis door controllers support a wide range of readers that can be connected with either OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) or Wiegand. They can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) and connected simply and securely to the Telcred service through a technology called O3C (One Click Connection Component) developed by Axis. In the future, Telcred will support open, IP-based door controllers also from other suppliers, when they become available in the market.

Axis A1001

The A1001 Network Door Controller supports one or two readers, a door monitor, REX (Request to Exit) device, and two electric locks. It can be used to control one door with two readers and two locks, or two doors with one reader and one lock each.


Axis A1601

The A1601 Network Door Controller is the big brother to the A1001. It supports the same number of readers and locks, but has more memory and a more powerful processor, which makes it the preferred choice in installations with more than 400 users (the A1601 can store up to 70 000 credentials). It can also power 24V locks directly from the unit.

Network relays

Axis Network Relays can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) and connected simply and securely to the Telcred service through a technology called O3C (One Click Connection Component) developed by Axis.

Axis A9161

The A9161 is actually not a full door controller with local storage of credentials and support for readers. Instead, it is a "smart relay" that can be connected to the Telcred service using the same O3C technology as the A1001 and A1601 door controllers. It is a space- and cost-effective solution for applications where a reader is not necessary, but instead all door openings are done through Telcred's smartphone app or visitor URL.


Axis A9188

The A9188 is similar to the A9161 but has 8 relays and 8 IOs. Just like the A9161 it can be connected to the Telcred service using Axis O3C technology. The A9188 can be a cost-effective solution for cabinets and other applications where it is required to control many doors and where readers are not necessary.

Network intercoms


Axis A8207-VE Mk II

AXIS A8207-VE Mk II Network Video Door Station is an intercom with camera, two-way audio, and an integrated access control reader. It can easily be integrated with Telcred Access Manager while still being operated from a separate video application, e.g. Axis Companion or any other VMS.

Readers and credentials

There are two open standards for connecting an access control reader to a door controller: Wiegand and OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol). Axis door controllers support both of these standards. Wiegand has been around for a long time and is still common in some markets. OSDP is relatively new, but is already supported by a large number of reader manufacturers, e.g. Seriline, HID, Assa Abloy, Nedap, and Idesco.

If there is a choice, we recommend OSDP readers due to more functionality and better security

Any credential technology that is supported by the reader can be used together with Axis door controllers and Telcred Access Manager. Configuration of the reader for a specific credential type, e.g. Mifare DESFire or HID iCLass, needs to be done using a configuration tool provided by the reader manufacturer or reseller.

Telcred promotes credential technology protected by strong cryptography such as Mifare DESFire

To make strong security credentials an easy choice, Telcred is providing preconfigured and ready to use Cidron readers from Seriline supporting OSDP and Mifare DESFire. The Cidron readers are backward compatible with older credential types allowing gradual shifts from less secure credentials to Mifare DESFire. This open hardware is very competitive in terms of price, security, and functionality. Please contact us for further information.
Cidron readers

Wireless locks

In recent years, wireless, battery operated locking systems have become quite popular. They offer a cost-effective way of extending the access control system to doors that do not have electric locks. Telcred Access Manager and Axis door controllers support two such locking systems: SimonsVoss SmartIntego and Assa Aperio.

Just as with regular access control readers, configuration of the wireless locks for a specific credential technology must be done outside of Telcred Access Manager using tools provided by either the manufacturer or the reseller.

SimonsVoss SmartIntego

SimonsVoss products are well known for their excellent finish and long battery operating times (up to 5 years and 80 000 activations).
The SmartIntego product line from SimonsVoss contains a digital cylinder, a "smarthandle", and a padlock. These connect to the Axis door controller via a "gateway node" or hub. One gateway node can handle up to 16 wireless lock units and connects to the door controller over IP. The typical range of the wireless network is 20-30m.


Assa Aperio

The Aperio product line contains similar wireless locks as SimonsVoss SmartIntego, including digital cylinders and door blade readers.
One difference is how the hub connects to the Axis door controller: in the case of Assa Aperio this is done via RS485 cable and using one of the two reader connections on the door controller (as opposed to IP for SmartIntego). Another difference is that an Assa Aperio hub can connect up to eight lock units (as opposed to 16 for SmartIntego).