Telcred offers hardware from selected vendors but customers can also purchase their hardware from other resellers.

As an option, it is possible to buy fully configured door controllers (Network Door Controllers), ready to be mounted in a plug and play fashion. Readers and key fobs can also be prepared for Mifare DESFire EV2, a card technology protected by strong encryption making cloning of key fobs impossible.

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The following hardware is available directly from Telcred:

Axis Communications

  • A1001 Network Door Controller
  • A1601 Network Door Controller
  • A12-serie Network Door Controller (not yet released)
  • A9161 Network Relay
  • A9188 Network Relay
  • A8207-VE Mk II Network Video Door Station
  • A4120-E Network Reader with keypad
  • A4020-E Network Reader


  • SmartIntego SmartHandle
  • Smartintego Digital Cylinder
  • Smartintego Digital Padlock
  • Smartintego GatewayNode


  • All card readers


  • All card readers

Cards and key fobs

  • Various models with Mifare Desfire EV2

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The best way to get to know our solution is to install it on one door in your own property. We provide a user account and an introduction to the administration interface free of charge.