Access Control as a Service

Open doors however you want

The traditional way: card and code

Telcred supports traditional cards, key fobs, and codes, as well as the card and code combination. Of course, it is possible to configure access rights so that, for example, you open with card only during the day, but card plus code on evenings and weekends.

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Open with card

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Open with key fob

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Open with code

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Open with card and code

Mobile app or web link

Telcred offers mobile access via app or web link. In both cases, the door is opened remotely – i.e. not via Bluetooth or NFC. The advantage is that you can open remotely for someone else and that it doesn’t matter what type of card reader you have. If only mobile access is required, no card readers are needed. The mobile app is more secure as you always know who opened the door, but the web link can be very practical when the requirements for security are not as strong.

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Face or license plate recognition

With Telcred’s API, it is easy to connect almost any equipment that identifies someone who wants to pass through a door or gate. This can be used for facial recognition or Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). For facial recognition, there is an existing integration with YOUNiQ from Precise Biometrics.


Telcred is continuously being improved. We create new functions and upgrade existing ones to meet customer requirements. All customers instantly get access to upgrades and new features as soon as they are released.

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Monitor and react to events

React to system events by sending a notification or executing a command. For example, it can be useful to receive an email if a door goes offline or someone remotely opens a door at night.

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Delegated administration

Let tenants manage their doors, users and access rights themselves in their own virtual access control systems. You don’t have to do the administration and the tenant does not have to wait for access rights.

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Easy access for visitors

Easily send time-limited codes or web links to allow visitors to let themselves in. No need for the visitor to install an app or create an account.

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Manage your doors remotely

Solve unforeseen problems by opening any door from your mobile.

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Manage the entire door environment

Card reader, magnetic contact, open button, door automation and locking schedule. Manage everything easily with Telcred.

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Remote configuration and maintenance

Manage configuration and maintenance remotely and avoid unnecessary service trips.

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Easy integrations

Integrate Telcred with external systems, or create customized interfaces. All functionality and data is accessible via well-documented APIs.

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Role-based access management

Access rights for a larger number of users are easily administered by applying roles. A user can have several different roles.

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Several ways to open a door

Telcred works with both traditional credentials, such as cards and codes, and more modern ones, including mobile apps and web links.


An open access control solution like the one from Telcred and Axis can be customized in many ways. We have developed concepts for various applications and are happy to discuss what could be suitable for you!

Commercial real estate

Make the access control system part of the property’s infrastructure and offer tenants “Access Control as a Service”. The tenant does not need to acquire an access control system, and the property owner can create new revenue streams while reducing administration.


A solution for the entire property — both common doors and apartment doors. The residents manage their own access rights via the Telcred Home app and the intercom is replaced by remote opening from the app.

Unmanned operations

Companies that run, or want to launch, an unmanned operation need an access control solution that is reliable and easy to integrate. Telcred offers this.

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