Access Control as a Service

The access control system for digital buildings

Modernize your access control solution with Telcred

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Experience Telcred Access Manager, an access control system that you manage from the cloud. Telcred Access Manager is an open system that you can adapt to your business over time. It is also easy to integrate with other systems.

Keep options open with a flexible and easy-to-use access control system.

Save time with simple administration and installation.

Upgrade your property with smart solutions.

This is Telcred
A complete access control system

Invest in the future with a system that evolves with you

We meet new requirements and needs by continuously improving Telcred. With an open architecture you can combine hardware and software from different suppliers. That will increase the lifetime of your investment. Be ready for the future with Telcred.

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Beprövad hårdvaraProven hardware

World-leading security

Axis Communications is a Swedish world leader in IP-connected security products. They are also our main partner.


Easy integrations

With Telcred, all functionality and all data is available through a modern and well-documented API.

Flexible platformFlexible platform

Scalable and cloud based

Each door is directly connected to Telcred’s cloud service which means that the solution is just as suitable for one or a few doors, as for many doors in different locations.


Creates new revenue streams

Increase the service level for your tenants with “access control as a service” and discover new revenue streams.


Sveriges största fastighetsbolag vid järnvägen använder Telcred

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New developments

Choose Telcred for new developments

When you as a real estate company develop a new building, and choose Telcred, you get everything that a traditional access control system has. Plus modern features such as mobile access. You can also offer “access control as a service” to your tenants.

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    Complete management of the door environments
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    Support for card, code, and mobile access
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    Delegated access administration
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Telcred image
Renovations and upgrades

Upgrade a lot. Or a little.

Your door environments are connected directly to the cloud, and do not require any central equipment. That way you can choose which doors you want to upgrade.

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    Door environments directly connected to the cloud
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    No central equipment
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    Easy installation


Telcred is continuously being improved. We create new functions and upgrade existing functions according to customer requirements. You instantly get access to upgrades and new features as soon as they are released.

Manage the entire door environment

Card reader, magnetic contact, open button, door automation and locking schedule. Manage everything easily with Telcred.

Manage your doors remotely

Solve unforeseen problems by opening any door from your mobile.

Several ways to open doors

Telcred works easily with both traditional credentials, such as card and code, and more modern ones, including mobile apps and web links.

Delegated administration

Let tenants manage their doors, users and access rights themselves in their own virtual access control systems. You don’t have to do the administration and the tenant does not have to wait for access rights.

Easy integrations

Integrate Telcred with external systems, or create customized interfaces. All functionality and data is accessible via well-documented APIs.

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