Does the system work if the connection to the Internet goes down, i.e. offline?
Access with card or code works offline. These authorizations are synced to the respective door box and the decision to grant or deny access is taken locally on the door box that manages the door. Access via mobile or web link does not work if the door is offline.
Which is the most secure card technology?
We recommend Mifare DESFire EV2 which is protected by strong encryption, which means that key fobs cannot be cloned unlike older card technologies. However, it is important to really use the encrypted memory on the card and not the so-called UID.
Is there a limit to the size of the system?
No, there is no limitation and larger installations are facilitated by the Site Manager module, which enables easy administration of tenants and transfers.
Does the system also work as an alarm system?
No, but it is easy to integrate alarms, either via the cloud or locally via the door controller.
Can I use the hardware from my old system?
If your readers support one of the open protocols OSDP or Wiegand, there is a possibility to reuse these. Otherwise, the probability of being able to reuse old hardware is basically zero.
Is the system available for local installations (on-prem)?
No, we only offer the solution as a cloud service.

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