Axis Communications & Telcred

Cloud-based access control software for Axis door controllers

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Smart door controllers

Telcred Access Manager is a modern and open access control system that connects each door directly to the cloud through Network Door Controllers from Axis Communications.

Notable features

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Remote management

With Telcred every door is connected directly to the cloud, and all administration and configuration can be done from anywhere. Open doors remotely to let visitors in!

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Open doors however you want

Telcred supports traditional credentials like cards and PIN codes, but also mobile access through app or web-link. License plate recognition or biometrics are supported through API.

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Easy to integrate

Telcred provides modern and well documented APIs for external integrations. Choose between REST API or webhooks.

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An open system

With hardware from Axis Communications and software from Telcred you do not get locked in to a single supplier. Even Telcred can be swapped out for another software supplier.

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Delegated administration

Tenants and other user groups can get their own virtual access control systems, where they manage their own users and access privileges. Powerful features make it easy to handle transfers. A better way to handle access rights!

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Robust and cyber secure

Hardware from Axis Communications guarantees robust connection to the cloud and a cyber secure solution. Vulnerabilities are patched as soon as they are discovered and with Telcred it is easy to upgrade firmware remotely.

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