Integration partners

Telcred has a rich and well-documented API which makes it ideal for integrating with other platforms such as VMS, co-working software, workforce management systems, HR-systems and booking systems.

Integrators and resellers

Telcred welcomes integrators and resellers of security solutions who want to build recurring revenues by offering subscription services to their customers. We will invoice you the same amount as we would an end customer, and you are free to bundle our service with other offerings, e.g. administration and support, and set the end customer price for the bundled service as you please.

Integrators and resellers who are not interested in selling monthly subscriptions can also offer the Telcred solution to their customers. Simply refer the end customer to us for the Telcred service.

Alarm centers

Telcred Access Manager is the ideal solution for alarm centers and other providers of managed security services. You can monitor and support the customers’ equipment regardless of physical location, and it is easy to integrate the access control solution with both other security services, e.g. hosted video, and with business support systems.

Hardware manufacturers

We are always interested in broadening the range of open, IP-based access control products that we can offer our customers. If you are the supplier of such a product, do not hesitate to get in touch!